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Innovative escape door management with flexible intelligence

Control escape doors and protect them against misuse

There are numerous risks of incidents happening in a building, which can put the health and safety of the persons present in jeopardy. Some of the incidents that might quickly cause serious problems are a fire breaking out, smoke developing or gas escaping. Another scenario is people panicking as a result of perceived threats or rioting.


In such circumstances, people must be guided out of the danger zone quickly and safely. Thanks to marked escape routes and the presence of escape doors, people can leave the building and get to safety.


Intelligent doors for optimum safety

In the event of an incident, monitoring the escape doors of a building and keeping them open represent life-saving and therefore extremely important functionalities. The escape door management system Palmatic from Securiton is an electronic system solution, which prevents the misuse of escape doors and saves lives in the event of a serious incident.