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To set the mood for the 2012 Heilig Rock (Holy Robe) pilgrimage in Trier, an orange writing robot is copying the entire bible onto paper letter by letter using a quill and ink. The robot’s work is being recorded and broadcast on a projection screen on the side of the container using IPS-VideoManager technology by Securiton.


6 May, 2011 marked the official start of the preparation year for the Heilig Rock pilgrimage that is expected to attract around half a million pilgrims to Trier. The Holy Robe, which is said to have been worn by Jesus Christ and is the most important relic at Trier Cathedral, was last made available for viewing in 1996. 6 May was also the starting signal for the one-armed robot. Eleven months from now – so just in time for the start of the pilgrimage – it will have written the entire bible letter by letter using a quill and black ink.


The bible robot is being showcased in a red exhibition container at the entrance to Trier Cathedral. The robot’s work is being recorded using IPS-VideoManager technology by Securiton and broadcast on a projection screen on the side of the container. This allows visitors to better see over the robot’s shoulder, so to speak.


The three media artists Martina Haitz, Matthias Gommel and Jan Zappe from the robotlab group programmed the robot. IPS-VideoManager broadcasts the progress made by the robot in its writing task to the Centre for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe both day and night. A watchful eye is kept on the industrial robot’s work here.



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