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« Mobile video surveillance in an environmentally sensitive area »

Roads, railways and canals are barriers for wildlife. It often leads to tragic accidents at the crossing. The artificial fragmentation of the landscape ecosystem takes strong damage. Green bridges or wildlife bridges are connecting corridors on the animals crossing aid.


South of Wittlich (Germany) was completed a green bridge over the frequently use highway A 1 in 2008. In contrast to previous practice, which, because of the enormous time and cost burdens, was not convinced, uses the Landesbetrieb Mobilität Tier the solution IPS-Video Manager to document whether animals adopt the structural measures and how they behave there. Since the middle of this year, biologists and road planners can watch every wild movement on the bridge. IPS-VideoManager is used for monitoring and documentation.

The solution of Securiton provides for a close video surveillance with sharp images, which can´t be perceived by the animals. All movements are recorded by two highly sensitive dome cameras, by day and by night. The recordings will be launched when animals are approaching the bridge.


The Landesbetrieb Mobilität Trier and responsible biologists were able to win after a very short time new insights into the behavior of the animals. The new research findings provide the professional circles a minor sensation. A deer has been observed on the bridge after only a short time. Previously it was assumed that they accept a green bridge not until 5 years.


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Start Forschungsprojekt ArGUS

Securiton beteiligt sich am Forschungsprojekt »ArGUS«. Dies steht für Assistenzsystem zur situationsbewussten Abwehr von Gefahren durch UAS (unbemannte Flugsysteme).

Initiative K-EINBRUCH

Die Öffentlichkeitskampagne K-EINBRUCH ist eine Initiative der Polizeilichen Kriminal-prävention der Länder und des Bundes. Als Anbieter von Sicherheitslösungen fungiert  Securiton als Partner der Kampagne.

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VISOCALL IP, die Plattform für Kommunikation und Sicherheit im Krankenhaus, hat den M&K AWARD 2017 gewonnen!